Declaration Societies

Organisations (Societies) listed on this site have either individually declared themselves against fracking or are members of a larger group that has declared itself against fracking.

If you wish your logo to join the many here, please contact us via one of the many places on this website.

If you have concerns about the damage fracking could do to your health, your family, or your local countryside environment and you are a member of an organisation that is likely to be adversely affected by the problems of fracking as listed on this site, please help persuade them to join in this campaign to stop our precious countryside becoming a wasteland.

We can stop fracking in the UK. The more that declare against fracking, the more certain we can contain this damaging process.

Please spread the hazard sign logo far and wide. It is downloadable here…

Do this yourself and email each organisation you are a member of and suggest, as strongly as you wish it, that they join the declaration and also display and spread the logo.

The Government and the fracking industry may be overtly powerful and influence much of the media, but we are the people and it’s OUR lives they are playing with and taking chances with. DON’T let them do it!

Spread the logo – form a CAFE  – your Community Against Fracking Exploitation.

Please note that FRACKING_UNSAFE is a declaration and NOT an organisation.

FRACKING-UNSAFE is in itself a declaration and is also a descriptive acronym – United Network of Societies Against Fracking Exploitation = UNSAFE.

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