Documentary – Oil Fracking and its dangers, how this effects you.

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This documentary highlights the power of the fracking industry and its ability to over-run all by the amount of money it generates for those directly involved. However, what is also shown is that where people are involved living in close proximity to the sites, the dangers of the process are causing real concern and increasing health problems.

In the USA you have the mineral rights below your land and you can sell them if you want to the frackers. In the UK the situation is different. The ‘Crown’ ( or in other words Mr. Osbourne as Chancellor of the Exchequer) owns them.

In the UK the shale strata that can produce gas are all near high or fairly high population densities. The potential for disaster in this country due to the health and environmental effects could see the destruction of all that we think of as a green and pleasant land. If you truly love your country and your family, then these extreme gas extraction processes must be opposed by love and not love of money.

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