‘Mankind will inherit the stars, but, first he must learn how to look after
his humble beginnings, our fragile Earth.’

'PLANET24SEVEN' is part of the campaign for 24th July to be 'Protect Our Planet day' (POP day).

 Join us to promote this day and its sentiment.

It is clear that we need to be caring for the planet that supports us, twenty four seven, i.e. at all times. That is why we call for 24th July annually to be designated POP day. - PROTECT OUR PLANET DAY. This is because we need to think about protecting life as we know it on our fragile life supporting world twenty four seven. A date that is easy to remember. POP day (Protect Our Planet day) 24th July every year. We take our world for granted, but, it needs loving care, just like us! The date is not only memorable, it is instructive!


Life on Earth will not survive unless we get it into our mind-set to think about the planet 24 seven.

We are the dominant species on the planet. We are part of the rich tapestry of life in a beautiful and fragile world.

We need to be thinking about, energy, water, waste, pollution, leisure pursuits, fellow humans, fellow creatures, land, sea and air. It’s down to us, all of us, as individuals and as collective groups.

We need to think about our planet, our world, 24 seven and then we have the chance to survive.

Peace, love and care not just on 24th July, but every day, 24 seven.

When we are at our best we are loving, caring, inventive and resourceful. Let’s use these qualities to build a sustainable future for our generations to come.

Join us and join in on 24th July and make a commitment to consider life every day, 24 seven.

On Sunday 24th July, help celebrate life on Earth in all its splendour and diversification.

Why not help a Bee or Hedgehog or Frog (  Check out the Wildlife Trust ( to see how you can. Visit their sites. Get in touch with nature, not just today but every day.  Help persuade the Government to stop poisoning our wildlife with toxic types of insecticides.logo

Why not get to know about The Climate Coalition’s ‘For the Love of’ Campaign. Join in and help preserve what is special to you. Help highlight what is threatened in nature in our modern ‘throw away’ world.  (,

Perhaps today is a day to consider walking or cycling to wherever we plan to go. (

Today could be a day to think about our Carbon Footprint.   (,,

Today we could think of where our energy actually comes from and could we provide it less harmfully and more sustainable (,
But the point about today is to highlight that we need to be thinking about these things 24 seven, not just today!

GET INVOLVED discover the National Trust and their sites (

Visit a Zoo or Wildlife centre.  (

Walk in an Arboretum or Garden open to the public.  (,,¸,

Appreciate our woodland  (  our wetlands (  & our coastline (,,,

Take in a breath of life and wonder about that other life around you, that which interacts with you on a daily basis, not just today but every day. Celebrate and preserve it!