How to Make a Ukraine Support Ribbon

Ukrainian flag ribbons are symbolic show of support and solidarity with Ukraine as the nation battles against a Russian invasion.

It is possible to make your own coloured ribbon simply from one sided clear sticky tape, white paper, colouring crayons or permanent marker pens and some scissors. If you can find waste paper or magazine pictures of blue or yellow colours and can construct the pieces to show yellow or blue on either side, this will also do.

Take a strip of tape about a metre and a half long. This will allow the ribbon once tied to hang and flutter at about a metres length. We recommend biodegradable tape such as the cellulose one called Sellotape zero plastic, produced by Sellotape, if you can.

Cut strips of your paper to the width of your tape. Colour your paper both sides with crayon or permanent marker pen. If you have appropriate coloured paper already you can avoid the colouring phase.

Place the strips of coloured paper on the sticky tape.

You can place another layer of tape over the paper, effectively sandwiching it, if you wish to make it more resistant to rain.

ukraine ribbon