Joining i4one couldn’t be simpler. If you can think or say the words:

‘I for one will not stand by and let our Earth die’ and mean it in your heart, you are in.

That is ALL it takes! – being human and able to say or think that statement. No details, no payment. Only you know if you are in or not! Once in you are committed though to look at what you already do to help reduce your carbon footprint and ‘bank’ it. You then need to look at what small changes in action and habit you can regularly do  that you are not doing already. It must be a small achievable target that you can make regular to ‘bank’ within 2 months. It is a gradual process and the key is making it achievable.

There is no policing and no criticism. You are in control of what is right and possible for you. That is the whole point! You need to do something, but only you know what capabilities you have given the restraints of living YOUR life.

By being a member of i4one you are now part of the picture to solve the issue. As more and more of us join, those little changes become big changes that the Earth can ’feel’. It also gives all of us that join greater and greater authority to pressurise our political and corporate leaders to act effectively and quickly. Encourage others to join us. Use your contacts. Encourage family and friends to look at i4one and join up.

Since this is a singular subject issue it doesn’t matter what nationality, political party or religion you are in. If you want to help the world survive by solving human induced climate change and habitat destruction you need the next phase of learning about the problem and about the positive action you can take.

See other pages on this site to do that.

We are non-financial and we do not retain a member list. Individuals are responsible for their own actions. This is a human unity mechanism and has no organisational structure. So simple and singularly focused on solving one problem.