Traffic Lights 4 Survival

 So Saturday’s protest (26/03/22) have melted into the night, a forgotten memory already. Is that our resolve? Is that what the likes of Putin has to fear?

Of course not! We need to show him that the resolve for an alternative path shown yesterday does not dissipate as the  as the protesters travel home. We need to show that the defiance and will expressed yesterday for another way is not just for a few hours on Saturday, but constant and unflinching.

The only way we can peacefully and effectively show that, is to protest continually, even when we’re asleep!

Empower the message of the traffic lights. They do not cease in the message they ‘call out’.

Do it. Adopt your local traffic light to ‘blink out’ your message of defiance and hope against Putin and his like, every second of everyday and everywhere throughout the world. NOW THEN YOU HAVE A POWERFUL UNFLINCHING PROTEST!

You can return to the lights whenever, to top them up with messages and ribbons. Even join in the coordinated protests on a Sunday.

Only a world united in resolve and continually persistent will deter Putin and his like.

What world do you want?Putin’s death and destruction or a harmonious, peace-loving, cooperative alternative. YOU CHOSE! USE THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS!

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